How to quickly find the basic system information on a Mac

Which version of the operating system are you running? How much RAM is in your Mac? How much storage is left on your hard drive? The Mac has a quick and easy way to find the answers to these and several other common questions about your Mac. Just choose apple1 (the Apple logo at the left of the menubar), then ABOUT THIS MAC.

The window that opens has five tabs: OVERVIEW, DISPLAYS, STORAGE, SUPPORT, and SERVICE. Here’s what you can see on each:


The OVERVIEW tab lets you know which version of the operating system is installed, which Mac this is, the processor, RAM (labelled MEMORY), the name of the Mac’s startup disk, which graphics card is installed, and the Mac’s serial number. There is also a SYSTEM REPORT button, which opens an app called System Information that’s full of even more technical information, and a button that will take you right into the SOFTWARE UPDATE tab in the App Store.


The DISPLAYS tab has information on your Mac’s built-in display, as well as any external displays connected to it. It also has a button that will take you right to the DISPLAY PREFERENCES in the System Preferences.


The STORAGE tab displays information on the Mac’s internal storage and most external storage devices connected directly to the Mac. There is also a button that will take you to several terrific tools to help manage your storage (like clear up space when things are getting full!).


The SUPPORT tab is full of links to resources and information about both the Mac and macOS.


The SERVICE tab has links for checking your warranty or AppleCare status, getting information on how to reach AppleCare or set up a repair appointment at a store, and getting more information on AppleCare itself.

Jason Merrill, Mac & iOS Consultant