A Good Review – Using Adobe Commenting Tools with Your Team


It’s Friday afternoon and an urgent document needs to be reviewed. But half of your team members are in back-to-back meetings and the other half are working remotely.

When an in-person meeting is not an option, circulating a PDF file will help you to quickly and efficiently gather the feedback you need from your colleagues.

Here are some helpful tips on how to use some of the main commenting tools available through Adobe Acrobat.


Getting Started

In the tools pane, click ‘Comment’ to access the annotation options. If the annotation icons are not visible, click the triangle next to ‘Annotations’ to reveal the available options. For descriptions of each option, hover over each icon to reveal its function. Now, you’re ready to get started.


Add a Sticky Note

The sticky note tool is one of the best ways to clearly communicate your thoughts to your colleagues. Once you click on the sticky note option, the icon will appear in place of your cursor. Drag this icon to the location where you would like to make your note and then right click. Double click on the icon you’ve inserted to begin typing your note to your colleagues.

To access more sticky note functions, click the triangle in the left corner of an opened sticky note. From here, you can reply to comments made in the note. You can also set the status of the comment (ie. accepted, completed, etc.). This allows your colleagues to skip over comments that have already been addressed – reducing the time it takes to review the document. As a result, the review process will be more efficient – your colleagues will thank you for this time-saving benefit.

To customize the way your sticky note appears, select ‘Properties’. Through this option, you can change the colour of the notes you create. If everyone reviewing the document uses a unique colour, it makes it easier to keep track of comments and to search for specific reviewers.


Highlight Text

If you need to draw attention to a particular word, line or section, the highlighting tool is a great option to choose. Once you click on the highlighting text icon, use the cursor to select the area you would like to focus on. To highlight just a single word, double click on the word itself. For clarity, you can add a sticky note next to the area you’ve highlighted to explain why you’ve selected this particular text.


Add a Stamp

If your document needs to be classified, you can add a stamp to your PDF through the annotation options. This is particularly useful for sensitive and confidential documents that need to be approved by several stakeholders. Through this tool, you can access commonly used stamps like ‘Draft’, ‘Confidential’ or ‘For Public Release’. You can also customize stamps to meet your company’s specific needs.


Attach a File

When a document is under review, there may be related documents that your colleagues need to reference. Instead of clogging their inboxes with additional attachments, you can use the paper clip icon to attach files to the PDF itself. This is a great way to reference related documents from one central location.

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