Welcome Aboard! 5 Ways to Create an Effective Onboarding Package

They impressed you during the job interview. Now, it’s your turn to impress them.

The onboarding process is a crucial step in making your new hires feel welcomed and supported. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your company culture, goals and values – while equipping new hires with the tools they need to succeed.

“Finding the best candidates for positions in your organization is only part of building an effective team,” says information from the Society for Human Resource Management. “The process of onboarding new employees can be one of the most critical factors in ensuring recently hired talent will be productive, contented workers.”

Although comprehensive onboarding programs can take up to a year, the first day on the job is an important part of the journey. Here are some tips for building an effective first-day onboarding package that will leave a lasting impression:

1. Think Ahead

In your onboarding package, include the schedule and agenda for your new hire’s first day. To make things easier, you can print a copy of their calendar directly from Outlook or Lotus Notes. If you happen to get stuck in traffic, or if there are technical difficulties with the computer assigned to your new hire, they will still have the information needed to start the day.

2. Offer a Helping Hand

The first day on the job can be overwhelming for a new hire. From back-to-back meetings to workstation set-ups, new employees often struggle with information overload. The last thing a new hire needs is to be fumbling through unfamiliar software or waiting in long line-ups at the IT desk.

To offer a helping hand, include Beezix quick reference guides in your onboarding package. These laminated cards provide clear and concise software tips and shortcuts. Your new hire can keep these cards next to their computer for future reference – long after the first day has passed.

Onboarding package suggestions:

Microsoft Office 2016


Lotus Notes

3. Be Clear

Setting clear expectations is one of the main goals on the first day. Your new hire will need a comprehensive job description and an organizational chart to navigate through initial meetings. For a personal touch, use Photoshop to create headshots with names attached for key members of the team.

4. Make a Connection

When creating your onboarding package, remember to include company-branded merchandise. Whether it’s a pen, notepad or a t-shirt, your new hire will appreciate the gesture and feel like they’re a part of the team. To go the extra mile, use Microsoft Word to create a branded welcome banner to decorate your new hire’s desk.

5. Be Creative

On the first day, include a lunch invitation card in the onboarding package. Inside the card, write a teaser like “check your inbox for more…”, then follow-up with a calendar invite through Outlook or Lotus Notes. This will make your new hire feel special – while encouraging them to use their new software, too.

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