Office 2016 Collaboration – Upcoming Guide

Microsoft has been developing Office 365 communication apps to foster greater integration between groups, teams and the corporation as a whole. According to this post a pattern has emerged that differentiates communication apps – Skype, Outlook, Teams and Yammer – according to urgency versus group size. Urgent messages are best delivered by the various forms of Skype. A person-to-person session is best for individual connections, Team sessions for group communication and Broadcasts for urgent organizational messages. The least urgent person-to-person items can be sent by Outlook email. Outlook Groups can be used for less urgent team communication and Yammer for corporate messages.

Beezix, dedicated to easing your collaborative experience, has several cards covering these apps. Our Skype for Business and Outlook cards are available while our SharePoint Online card has a section on Yammer basics. A more extensive treatment of Yammer combined with the new Teams app is being added to a new card under development.

Lately Microsoft has been trying to further integrate file sharing into all aspects of Office 365. Files can now be accessed from one location whether they are stored on OneDrive or SharePoint. Outlook Groups now allow the previously impenetrable boundary between OneDrive and SharePoint to be crossed for universal file sharing. For details on the best file sharing techniques take a look at Beezix’s SharePoint Online and OneDrive card or our new Collaboration card.

Microsoft Delve, a new Office 365 app, helps you see activity in your organization most relevant to you. It scans all areas of Office 365 for your groups, emails and files then presents the most recent or relevant items for discovery. This kind of intelligent filtering of people and files really makes collaboration more efficient and seamless. OneDrive now has an equivalent navigation panel view called Discover. Beezix’s upcoming Collaboration card covers this and more.