Internet Explorer 11 – Windows 8.1 Immersive Browser Updates: Reading View, and more

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a touch-optimized browser in the new Modern/Metro/Windows Store App style – also known as the “Immersive Browser”.

With Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 a few nice tweaks were introduced to the Immersive Browser experience.  Here are some highlights!  For step-by-step concise instructions on using Internet Explorer, check out our IE11 Quick Reference Card (#1 Best Seller in Amazon’s “Microsoft Internet Explorer Guides”).

Switching between Desktop Browser & Immersive Browser

You could always switch viewing a webpage from the Immersive Browser to the Desktop Browser by [Clicking] or [Tapping] The Options Button and selecting VIEW IN THE DESKTOP.

NOW, with IE11, you can switch from Desktop to Immersive by choosing FILE, then OPEN IN IMMERSIVE BROWSER.

Reading view (Immersive Browser)

Similar to Safari on the iPhone or iPad, IE11 now has a “Reading View”.  This new reading view strips the page of all extraneous content, including advertising, menu items, and sidebars.

Reading view even combines a multi-page article into one single scrollable page.  That’s right, no NEXT NEXT NEXT!

To use:

  1. Load up the page in the Immersive Browser or switch to Immersive Browser from the desktop (see above).
  2. Next, [Click/Tap] The Read Button or press Ctrl-Shift-R.

Note: If the READ button doesn’t appear, then IE hasn’t detected that the page is “article-like” and likely won’t work well in reading view.

To exit reading view, [Click] The Read Button or press ESC.

Always Show your Tabs & Address Bar (Immersive Browser)

Do you have a slightly larger device and always want to see your open tabs and the address bar?  To do so:

  1. [Click/Tap] The Options Button, then choose OPTIONS.

Other Additions (and Removals!)

  • If the website supports it, sites pinned to your Start screen are set as live tiles.  To pin, [Click/Tap] The Options Button then The Pin Button.  Choose a tile size then [Click/Tap] PIN TO START.
  • Phone numbers on a web page are automatically detected and hyperlinked.  Tapping them will allow you to add a contact or simply call the number (if your computer/device supports this).
  • Quick Tabs (pressing Ctrl-Q) has been removed.
  • You can no longer disable tabbed browsing.