Excel “Gotchas” that People Often Forget to Teach – Part 1, What the ####!?

Excel has a few things that make complete sense… once you know what they are. Here are a bunch of gotchas that seem to confuse many we work with until they are explained.

What the ####!? – Numbers and Column Widths:

Number fields, including dates, will show as all number signs if the column isn’t wide enough.

In fact, copying & pasting an Excel spreadsheet into an email message or word document will bring the #’s unless you first widen the column.

Here is an excerpt from our Amazon top-rated Excel 2013 Introduction Quick Reference Card:

Resizing Column Width or Row Height
1. [Point] at the dividing line between the column or
row headings. The mouse pointer
changes into a double-headed arrow or  or  .
2. [Drag] to change the width or height. To AutoFit
to the widest/highest cell, [Double Click] the line.
Or to enter a measurement:
1. Select a cell in the row/column to adjust.
2. Choose HOME, FORMAT  , either ROW HEIGHT
3. Enter a height or width, then [Click] OK.
To change several columns or rows, select them first.