Wait – Don’t Send! Controlling your emailing sending in Outlook 2013

Have you ever hit send, then wanted to hit something – wishing you had a chance for that sober second thought?

For me, I find I often reply to the technical details of an email and forget to reply to the niceties (how was your weekend? Often doesn’t get a response!).

Outlook is often configured to send immediately, and it doesn’t have to be.

To help me combat this issue, I now have my email set to send only every 5 minutes which allows ample time to jump in my outbox and add some humanity to the message.

Changing your Send-Immediately settings:

  1. Choose FILE, OPTIONS.
  2. [Click] ADVANCED.
  4. Now to set a schedule, [Click] SEND/RECEIVE.

Setting a schedule:

  1. If needed, open the SEND/RECEIVE GROUPS dialog by choosing SEND / RECEIVE,  then DEFINE SEND/RECEIVE GROUPS.
  2. Check the SCHEDULE AN AUTOMATIC SEND/RECEIVE EVERY option and set the number of minutes
  3. Optional, to stop emails from sitting in your outbox after you close Outlook for the night, check PERFORM AN AUTOMATIC SEND/RECEIVE WHEN EXITING.
  4. Now, let’s make sure all your accounts are included in the sending & receiving.
    1. [Click] your GROUP NAME (most will only have one group), then [Click] EDIT.
    2. Go through each of your accounts and check INCLUDE THE SELECTED ACCOUNT IN THIS GROUP.
    3. [Click] OK.
    4. [Click] CLOSE.

Sending sooner than your schedule:

Don’t want to wait? No problem, just press F9 or choose SEND / RECEIVE, then