5 Unusual Ways to Use Excel

There’s no doubt that when people think of Excel software, all kinds of number crunching projects comes to mind.  But let’s share a few of the more off-beat and unusual ways in which it’s also been used.

1. Feeling Crafty?
There are some great tutorials available online (such as here and here) that detail how you can use Excel for creating beautiful quilt patterns.

2. Help with your Green thumb
If you are looking for help with your green thumb, MS Office can provide you with a Garden Planner to help you with your plant inventory, log your seeding, create a task list, and even design a layout.

3. Is Monopoly Fair?
How’s this?  Someone even created a probability chart for Monopoly using Excel, all the better to play the game!

4. Under the B
And while we’re playing around here, if things in the office are boring and you want to spice it up, why not create some Bingo cards and do some teambuilding with your coworkers?

5. Get in touch with your roots
If you’re interested in genealogy and would like to build your own family tree, why not use Excel to help keep track of all the details for you?

How about you?  Any unusual ideas for Excel that you’d care to share with us?


1 thought on “5 Unusual Ways to Use Excel

  1. I used Excel to arrange rock and roll tunes for the player piano. In a player piano roll, the notes are triggered by holes in the paper. Every hole has to have an exact location and length. I had columns in Excel for Measure, Beat, Note, Duration. Then, some Excel VBA to convert that information to the format required by a computer-controller perforator. A few weeks later, I would have a player piano roll of Thunder Road or Walking in Memphis or Stairway to Heaven.

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