Office 365 Web App Browser Support

Office 365 is Microsoft’s web-based productivity suite. It works generally well with different web browsers, but not always. To help you get the most out of Office 365, Microsoft provides a list of supported operating systems and software for Office 365.

Certain tools may not work in every browser. For instance, you may find that the OPEN command (which opens a document in the appropriate Office desktop application) doesn’t work in Firefox. To solve this particular problem, Microsoft provides a plugin that lets you directly download a document from Firefox.

In order to get more features to work in Chrome, you may want to try the IE Tab browser extention, which lets you display webpages using Internet Explorer from within Chrome. This lets you simply run your Office 365 Web Apps in a separate IE tab.

Also, to ensure the best browser compatibility, it’s usually advisable to be running the most current version of each browser.