Using Safari’s Reading List

Reading list is a new feature in Safari that allows you to quickly save online articles to read later. Reading List also works with iCloud, so that articles saved on your computer can be read later on your iPhone or iPad, or the other way around.
Also, beginning with Safari in OS X Mountain Lion, coming later this month, articles saved to Reading List will be available for offline viewing.
Adding articles to Reading List is easy. First, browse to the article you want to save. Once there, click the plus sign on the left of Safari’s address bar . This is the same button used to quickly add a bookmark in Safari.
In the dialog that opens, make sure that ADD THIS PAGE TO is set to READING LIST, and click ADD.

To open your Reading List and access your saved articles, click the glasses icon on the left of Safari’s Bookmark Bar , or choose VIEW, SHOW READING LIST.
The Reading List will expand on the left side of the Safari window. Just click the article you wish to read, and it will load in Safari.
To remove an article from your Reading List, rest the cursor on the article you want removed, then click the  that appears in the upper right of the listing. Or clear all to empty your Reading List.

Jason Merrill, Mac & iOS Consultant