Word for Mac: Notebook Layout View

One of the more interesting, and useful, Mac-only features in Microsoft Word is the Notebook Layout View. This view is used primarily for taking notes in a meeting, classroom, or any other note-worthy setting.

To access Notebook Layout View, either choose WORD NOTEBOOK LAYOUT from the Document Gallery when Word launches, or, from an open document, click the Notebook Layout View button in the lower left of the window.

In this view, your document takes on the appearance of a physical notebook, lined paper and all. The time and date when the document was created is shown in the upper right of the document. This can be changed to show the AUTHOR or MODIFIED date by clicking on the word CREATED.

The notebook is tabbed along the right side. Each tab represents a different section in the notebook, and can be titled by double clicking the tab and typing. New tabs can be created by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the existing tabs. Right clicking a tab will give you the option to set the color of the tab as well.

Adding audio notes

Taking advantage of the audio features built into Notebook Layout View can really take your note taking to the next level.

Click the AUDIO NOTES section of the ribbon to display the controls. When the meeting or class is starting, click RECORD , then start taking notes as usual. Everything the computer’s mic can pick up will be recorded into the document as you type. When the note-taking is over, click STOP, and save the document as usual.

You can now listen to the recording at any time by clicking PLAY. Not only that, though, but when you are reviewing your notes, if you feel you wish to hear the recording of any particular part of the meeting, just rest of your cursor to the left of any line of notes. A speaker-shaped button will appear.

Click that speaker, and it will play the exact part of the recording that took place when you were typing that note.

Jason Merrill, Mac & iOS Consultant


2 thoughts on “Word for Mac: Notebook Layout View

  1. Is it possible to create horizontal tabs…this way I can see all my tabs all at once instead of having to scroll constantly

  2. Unfortunately, no. There are several things you can do to customize the appearance in the Appearance tab of the Ribbon – like changing the look of the tabs, or adjusting the spacing of the rule lines – but, as of now, the tabs stay vertical in all of these views.

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