10 Mac Shortcuts to get things done faster!

Even the most faithful mouse user has to admit that keyboard shortcuts are pretty cool. You can perform dozens of tasks with easy shortcuts for just about every command. Here is a list of 10 awesome keyboard shortcuts for Mac users.

Let’s start with a quick overview of some specialized Mac keys beside the spacebar:

The Command key (⌘)
The Option key (which also says “alt”)
The Function key (fn)
The Control key (control)

1. Switch between applications
Command + Tab is a fast and easy way to switch between active applications. Hold down the Command key and repeatedly tap the Tab key to cycle through all open apps.

2. Take a screenshot
Command + Shift + 3 is a great way to take a picture of your entire screen.
Command + Shift + 4 will turn your mouse cursor into a set of crosshairs so you can click and drag to capture any portion of your screen. The image will be saved to your desktop so you can copy and paste it where needed.
Tip: You can also press Command + Shift + 4 then the spacebar to turn the mouse pointer into a camera. This will allow you to click on any window to capture the whole window (even if part of the window is currently behind something else).

3. Quit any program
Command + Q can be used to fully exit out of any application. This is the same as right-clicking the icon on the dock and selecting Quit.

4. Close the active window
Command + W will close any active window you are using in the active application.
Option + Command + W will close all the windows in the currently active application.

5. Open a new tab in your web browser
Command + T allows you to open a new tab in your web browser. Repeat this shortcut to open multiple tabs.

6. Show/hide the Dock
Command + Option + D is a handy way to hide the Doc and get more space on your screen. Use the same command to bring back the Doc.

7. Cut, copy and paste
First select the text or image you want, and then use one of these handy shortcuts:
Command + X to cut
Command + C to copy
Command + V to paste

8. Lock screen
Control + Shift + Power (the power key is on the top right of the keyboard). This is a convenient way to activate sleep mode, which will black out your screen. This is useful for when you will be away from your laptop for a few minutes and want to protect your privacy. When you return, you can press any key to wake up your machine without re-entering a password.

9. Force quit
Command + Option + Esc can be used if an application stops responding, and you need to force it to quit. This keyboard combination will bring up the Force Quit dialog, which will prompt you to quit any application you select.

10. Hide an application
Command + H will allow you to quickly hide the active application.
Command + Option + H will hide all the other applications in the background, letting you only see the one in front.

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