MS Project Gantt Chart Bars: Lost in a Timeline?

As a project manager or scheduler working in Microsoft Project, you regularly use the Gantt chart. Often, when zoomed into a Gantt Chart, the timeline is not shown for the current tasks. That is to say, for the rows you’re looking at or working on in the Task Sheet on the left side of the screen, the corresponding task bars (or milestones) in the Gantt chart on the right are not showing.

It is likely the bars are off to the right (in the future) or left (past). You could scroll left or right in the chart, manually scanning for the bars. But that could take a while in a long-running project while zoomed in at a granular level. Also, you could go the wrong direction at the outset!

There’s a handy “go-to” feature to take advantage of that will quickly snap the Gantt Chart to the correct point in time to show the selected task.

1. [Click] in the Task Sheet pane to select the preferred row.

2. [Click] the SCROLL TO TASK button. ScrollToTask3

Previous versions of Project (2007 and older) called this button GO TO SELECTED TASK.

You should see the preferred task in the Gantt Chart pane. More precisely, you will see the starting part of the bar. If it is a long task and you’re zoomed in to the point that the entire bar cannot be shown, you’ll at least see the beginning.

Alternatively, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-F5. That’s a bit of an awkward sequence but it is worth remembering. F5 is a “classic” key for implementing a go-to action.

Now you can quickly find a task bar in the Gantt Chart if it drifts out of view.