OneDrive – Version History with Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Have you been enjoying the Windows 8.1 deep integration with Microsoft OneDrive?  We find it wonderful to be able to save and manage your files as if they were local, and then have them all synched with the cloud and available on my Desktop, Laptop, and anywhere by web browser.

A lesser known OneDrive feature you may not be aware of is similar to the excellent Windows 8.x File History addition (or to be more accurate, the improved Windows 7 “Previous Versions” feature).

OneDrive keeps track of your documents and when you update them, keeps previous versions available for your use, not just on your main system like the Windows File History, but from any browser, anywhere!  This isn’t quite as sophisticated as SharePoint (and OneDrive for Business), but it sure is handy.

Accessing a document’s previous versions

To access a documents previous version:

  1. Browse to the OneDrive folder where your document is saved.
  2. [Right Click] the document, then choose VERSION HISTORY.


  1. Open the document in question.
  2. Choose FILE, INFO.

OneDrive previous versions

To view an older version, [Click] on the date of the version.

  • To download a copy of the older version, [Click] DOWNLOAD.
  • To switch to an older version, [Click] RESTORE.  Don’t worry, the most recent version will be saved as a version before the older one is restored.
  • To continue working on the latest version, [Click] the date for the latest version and work as usual.