Make Filing a Habit, not a Chore: Filing sent emails in Outlook WHEN you send

How many of you ever get around to filing all your sent emails?

Judging by my completely unscientific survey of the people in our office, not many do.  It seems to be just an extra process, best left to using “Search” when the need arises.

Well, I do! I file my emails WHEN I send them, as a habit – simply by changing the folder I save my sent items to on-the-fly.

Changing the Sent Item Folder – on-the-fly:

  1. Begin composing your email.
  3. Select a recent folder, or OTHER FOLDER to choose from all your folders.  You can even choose DO NOT SAVE to do some early spring cleaning!

Some “oh so important” notes:

  • Want to get really quick at this?  Try: <Alt-P, S>.  You’ll find filing becomes a habit, not a chore.
  • If you have multiple mailboxes setup, be careful.  In my experience, trying to save an email being sent from one account to a different account’s mailbox can result in a magically disappearing email.

Have any questions or tips on how to best use Microsoft Outlook?  Let us know!

For a quick (but comprehensive) reference on using Outlook, check out our 4-page laminated Microsoft Outlook 2013 quick reference guide.