Sending emails: Organize your Outlook follow-up flags for you (and your Recipients)

A great way to organize your emails in Outlook is to decide when the next action on an email will be, and flagging you (or your recipient) to take that action!

Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013 all have the great ability to flag emails as To Do items and have them appear in the “To-Do List” alongside actual tasks.

This is great for incoming messages, but for sent emails, this can be an extra process to remember (and perhaps less likely to get done…?).

To help make this a habit, let’s do this WHILE we’re actually composing the email (and not a separate process after sending).

Flag When you Send

  1. Begin composing your email.
  2. Choose MESSAGE, FOLLOW UP then an option.

Flagging for your Recipients

Want to also keep your recipients on track & on-time?

  1. Begin composing your email.
  3. [Check] FLAG FOR RECIPIENTS, then set the details including a REMINDER pop-up if you like.
  4. [Click] OK!

There you go — now you’re organized, and as an added bonus you’ve helped organize the people you are sending your emails to as well!

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For a quick (but comprehensive) reference on, check out or 4-page laminated Microsoft Outlook 2013 quick reference guide.