Windows 8: Six Power Tips for Windows Explorer (part 1)

Like us, you have probably been using Windows Explorer for what seems like forever now. When Windows 8 arrived, it brought some new file management features to Explorer right along with it, and it kept some really great ones introduced in Windows 7. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve your experience with Windows Explorer, then we’ll be bringing six great power tips to you this month!

Let’s begin with the first 3:

1. The Office Ribbon now in Windows Explorer

Perhaps the most significant change to Windows Explorer in Windows 8 is the addition of the ribbon.  Like in Microsoft Office, the ribbon brings to the forefront many hidden but useful commands in a nicely organized way.

Check it out and discover some “new” old commands!

Also, keep your eye on the ribbon as additional Tool ribbon tabs will appear depending on where you are, or what you have selected.

For example, use the ribbon to:

Work with Pictures when selecting an image file, or when you are browsing a picture folder:

Or choose where to extract files from a compressed ZIP folder:

2. Quick Access Toolbar

Also first seen in Microsoft Office, the Quick Access Toolbar gives you immediate access to commands with a touch, click or keyboard shortcut.

On mine you can see I have quick access to properties and new folder (the defaults)



[Click] the down arrow to customize further

3. Navigating with Drop-down Menus

Introduced in Windows 7, a great time-saving feature of Windows Explorer is the drop-down folder navigation, allowing quick access to locations above or below the current one. To navigate, [Click] a drop-down arrow in the address bar, then select a location:

Or, to directly navigate to one of the locations higher up, [Click] the location in the address bar.

Be sure to join us later in the month when we share the next 3 power tips for you!