Microsoft Office’s Mini Toolbar Provides Some Handy Features in a Small Package

In Microsoft Office, the Mini Toolbar is a stripped down version of the Font group on the Home tab (with changes such as font, underline, bold, and italicize), as well as some other common tools from other groups.

The Mini Toolbar for Microsoft Word 2010 features many options for editing the format of text.

To access the Mini Toolbar, [Right-Click] a section of a Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint document. Or, select an area of text and hover your mouse over the selection. (Note: The Mini Toolbar may look faint and transparent at first, but becomes solid and usable as you move the mouse over it.)

You can see a description of each Mini Toolbar button by resting your pointer on it. If you wish to change the font or font size:

  1. [Right-Click] the area of the document you want to edit.
  2. [Click] FONT or FONT SIZE.
  3. Browse the FONT or SIZE options, and select the one you want. (Note: As you hover over different font and font size options, you’ll see a live preview of how that selection will look if the change is made before you make the change.)

Some users find the Mini Toolbar gets in the way or becomes annoying when it appears as you hover your mouse over a selection.

To disable the Mini Toolbar from popping up:

  1. [Click] FILE, and select OPTIONS.
  2. Choose the GENERAL tab.

Note: Disabling the Mini Toolbar only stops it from “popping up” without clicking — you can still access it by right clicking.

We think the Mini Toolbar comes in handy, especially because it lets you easily format text while using a different part of the ribbon. Otherwise, you’d have to keep going back to the home tab.

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