PowerPoint Total Slide Numberse.g. 1 of 10

Have you ever wanted to add the total number of slides to the slide numbering in a PowerPoint presentation, so that people can see whether they are at slide 5 of 10, or slide 5 of 100?

There is a quick way to do a basic slide number (INSERT tab, SLIDE NUMBER), but if you want to make that any fancier you have to create a text box on the Slide Master. To show a total number of slides, e.g. 1 of 10, 2 of 10 – you have to hard code the total slide number (believe it or not). There is no automatic calculation of total slides, like in Word for total pages. So make a note of how many slides you have, and do the following:

Step 1: Access the Slide Master

  1. Choose the VIEW tab and from the PRESENTATION or MASTER VIEWS group [Click] the SLIDE MASTER button.
  2. [Click] the appropriate master slide. In order to show your change on all slides except the title slide, use the Title and Content Master, typically the third slide from the top in the navigation panel. You can Hover over a Master to show its title and which slides it affects.

Step 2: Add a text box

  1. Choose the INSERT tab and from the TEXT group, [Click] the TEXT BOX button.
  2. [Click] where you would like to display your count.

Step 3: Add the text and slide numbers

  1. Ensure that your cursor is in the text box you just created, then choose the INSERT tab and, in the TEXT group, [Click] the SLIDE NUMBER button. The placeholder for page numbers will appear, and is shown as ‹#›.
  2. Now enter the text you want to add to the slide count, e.g., If you want the finished output to display in the format “Slide 2 of 20”, the contents of your text box should look like this: Slide ‹#› of 20.
  3. Choose the SLIDE MASTER tab and [Click] CLOSE MASTER VIEW in the CLOSE group. Alternatively, [Click] the Normal button in the status bar.

That’s it! You should now see an updating count of slide number with your extra text included, on each slide. Remember to update the total if it changes so you don’t wind up with “21 of 20”!

(Applies to both 2010 & 2007 versions)


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  1. Thank You
    Would it be great if the PowerPoint Group talked to the MSWord group, Excel group and the Visio group and shared the best content of these programs and fixed silly stuff like page numbering and create a “Common Office” interface. :))

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