Welcome to the Beezix Blog!

If you’ve already experienced our Quick Reference cards, you know that we are masters of the succinct. Our cards are designed to give you all the steps you need to get the job done quickly & easily, right at your fingertips. However, sometimes it helps to expand a little on the details, maybe click through some pictures, even reference a video or two. Well, fear not – the Beezix Blog was created to fill those very needs. Now we have you covered both in the details, and in the bigger picture.

When our cards are handed out in the classroom, a trainer is supplying context and examples for the instructions on the sheets. But more and more people are receiving these cards outside of the training environment, and they could likely benefit from a little more explanation.

In addition, you will find the blog filled with excellent training examples that we and all our training associates have collected over the years in the classroom. If you are a software trainer, you can look forward to benefiting from the “aha!” moments of many of our experts, when they finally discovered the perfect situation to use that obscure feature in.

Bookmark us, subscribe, or wander back from time to time. This may just become your favorite training and end-user resource, as our top trainers and product specialists help you explore Microsoft Office, Windows, Mac OSX, Lync, and more. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the tip-of-the-day!